Hot Sixty 4th: The Restoration...

of a Plymouth Fury fondly known as Christine (hotsixty4th movie theme)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. Terrifying? Scary? That is how some people described this Plymouth Fury and yet it drew the attention of several companies that there are several replicas of the well known red and white Fury that collecting it comes down to choosing the preferred brand. One company however came up with an idea and for my 67th post in Drivetribe and 313th total post, I bring you the 1958 evil Plymouth Fury from Auto World under their Silver Screen machines series.

I'm not sure if the writer of the novel choose this to be the evil car due to the 'Fury" on the name which seems to fit well with the theme. We’ve seen several of these Plymouth castings made by Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and Auto World. But have you ever seen a partially restored Christine? Christine’s first appearance in the movie was the year 1957 as a newly assembled car. 21 years later she was seen as an old dilapidated Fury and the main character Arnie buys the car from George LeBay whose brother previously owns the car. He slowly restores the car in a do-it-yourself garage. This casting shows the partially restored Christine.

Here I recreated the scene where Darnell, the garage owner is conversing with Arnie who is working on the car.

As seen in the photo the car has primer on the front fender and newly painted door and quarter panel. The windows are still dusty and the wheels are still mismatched.

Here we have a newly painted passenger door while the rest is still in primer. The tires are also mismatched.

Here it shows a newly painted boot while showing a rusty roof.

The front shows a newly painted hood with a crack windshield.

Lastly an engine that is still dirty including the headlights.

As I previously mentioned there are many choices in getting the Christine Plymouth but if you want a weathered casting that you don't have to customize then the Auto World partially restored Plymouth is something you want to get.

However a word of warning. Would you be able to control Christine? Or will it control you?

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