Hot Sixty 4th: Tomicarama - A Look at a New Tire Shop

The item that almost never made it.

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. The item that almost never made it is finally for my 46th post in Drivetribe and 292nd total post I bring you the 05a Yokohama Tire shop by Tomicarama.

I first posted this upcoming Tomicarama months ago to give everyone a heads up which will be release in March 2020. I preordered this so I don't have to pay secondary market prices and would look nice with the tractor trailer that M2 issued many months ago due to the same livery. So I expected this to arrive within less than a month after its release but what you expect is not what you always get.

And here is a timeline on what happened to my preorder.

1) 04/01/20 - received email confirming the item has shipped.

2) 04/21/20 - reply from my inquiry on why the package tracking stated that it was being return back to sender stating that Japan post cancelled shipment to US due to Coronavirus. Will inform me once arrived. Check website to reorder and item already sold out.

3) 05/16/20 - Inquiring about package and was told it has not arrived yet. Yikes.

4) 05/30/20 - Finally informed package arrived at warehouse and I can choose to have it shipped using DHL or wait till Japan Post resume delivery. I chose the former.

5) 06/17/20 - After waiting for my other orders to be filled and paid, it was finally shipped and arrived less than a week later. Talk about a long wait time.

For people not familiar with Tomicarama, this is a plastic diorama released by Tomytec who also makes accurate 1/64 Japanese cars. So is this diorama really special that it justifies the price it charges specially compared to someone like a Greenlight diorama which is already fully assembled? Let's unbox and find out.

This diorama even comes equipped with accessories inside the building like tires, figurine, furniture, etc in sealed plastic pouch.

At first I was shocked that there a a missing piece on the base but I somehow found it on the floor.

Assembling the diorama is simple. You put the base together and attached the walls on each side.

Next is the sign.

Heres a look at the building.

Some of the accessories supplied needs to be glued together so here I glued a couple of the shelves.

Let's start putting them into the diorama.

To be continued.

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