Hot Sixty 4th: True 1/64 SUV Saturday with a Nissan "T"

Which stands for Nissan Terrano from Tomica Limited Vintage Neo. (HotSixty4th)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. It's back to the 90s again. Or is it the 80s with this classic SUV and so for my 58th post in Drivetribe and 304th total post, I bring you the LV-N 63c Nissan Terrano R3M by Tomytec.

The Nissan Terrano aka Pathfinder here in the States started life in 1985 and this 2 door model was produced until 1990 (Could still qualify as a 90s if you count the final production year). The 1990 Pathfinder that made it to the States were usually 4-door with very few 2-door version.

Having the letter 'C' besides the number printed on the box means this is the 3rd issue release by Tomytec in June of 2020. The first time this casting was release was back in February of 2012.

This has the usual suspension, rubber tires and period correct wheels. It also comes with the front grill guard in chrome and 2 fog lights.

Correction: I checked the casting again and this one does not have the suspension.

The rear are taillights in separate pieces with a covered spare. There are no openings or extra accessories to be installed.

Tomytec has so far release their TLV-n in 2 colors and if you are interested to know, the other one is in gray. In conclusion, Tomytec (Tomica) is in the forefront of releasing as much Japanese replica casting in stock as possible so if you are a true JDM fan I would say this is the most realistic casting that you can find and would suggest you stock up before prices goes up.

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