The little truck that could (hotsixty4th M2 Datsun Yokohama)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. Now who doesn't love playing with a wrecker as a kid? I certainly enjoyed the play value of being able to pull a car with the attached hook and so for my 86th post in Drivetribe and 332nd total post I bring you not one but 2 of the 70s Datsun tow trucks from M2 under their Auto Trucks series.

Many of you are probably familiar with the look of this truck better known as the Datsun 620 which was released by Nissan in February 1972 and was in production until 1979. This was popularized by Hot Wheels and became a hit.

This first one is I believe a hobby exclusive and one of the models to debut. This one has the Yokohama livery and I am glad as it fits perfectly with my Tomicarama Tire shop.

It also compliments the tire shop as both has the same logo of that era. My complain on this is the paint on the grill was a bit sloppy and the side mirrors looked big for its size.

I picked up the 2nd one in Walmart and it was the lone Datsun casting available.

The hood do open and this one has a nice paint job on the grill. The side mirror again is too big. Most of the make on this casting is die cast. Also not exactly sure what the Japanese words on the door side meant. If anyone has any idea please share.

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  • It's a nice casting. I love the accurate JDM tow bed.

      1 month ago