Hot Wheels '64 Chevelle SS

1w ago


Its not too often that a mainline from Hot Wheels gets universal praise. With JDM hype and a killer offering of premium castings, a regular old American muscle car usually finds itself keeping the store pegs warm.

Not this Chevelle though! Initially released in 2012, we haven't seen this casting in three years. The paint job is simple and stunning. No goofy flames, just a clean tri-color stripe motif on a gorgeous teal. The car also features a number 6 on white meatballs and a "Hot Wheels" graphic in classic font over the rear fenders.

The wheels are the new steelie type ST8, the perfect style for this type of car. The yellow trim rings set off the yellow, orange, and purple stripes running down the length of the car. They're also a dark grey color, rather than the traditional black. This somehow makes the tires look more realistic.

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