Hot Wheels Forza Series: Ranked

Putting the 5 cars in order from worst to first

#5: Lamborghini huracan

I’m not saying the Huracan casting is bad, it’s just that it came in fifth place out of 5 cars. It’s really just confusing. The black and white motif scream “police car”, but then there’s all that green. It almost looks... grassy?

#4: Morris Mini

We’ve all seen this Mini casting over and over again, except this time its been given the premium treatment. Thankfully, this one is based off the old tooling, which means the body pops off the chassis! Draped in British Racing Green with a “GB” sticker on the back, the Forza Mini looks exactly like something I’d create in the game. Headlights, tailights, black fender flares, and a white roof round off the paint job. The five-spoke Real-Riders are a perfect match as well. Amazingly executed, just not as strongly as the rest of the cars in the countdown.

#3: AMC Rebel machine

A complete 180 from the Mini, the Rebel Machine represents brute strength, blunt force, and America in the series. Hot Wheels likes to bring out the Rebel Machine casting whenever a badass occasion arises. Previously, we’ve seen it before in a sweet lime green spectrafrost color for the Cool Classics series, and in its iconic patriotic getup in the Boulevard Series. For it’s third time around, they went straight up red and black, complete with white lettered Real-Riders. Combined with THAT RAKE!, the color scheme make the Forza graphics pop off the back quarter. Not to mention, the AMC muscle cars are so offbeat and down right cool.

Nissan silvia s15

Tampos all around are perfect. The glossy blue paint looks like glass. The ghost Forza graphics are the best of the series, but there’s something about it I just couldn’t get over...

It’s the wheels. The design is incredible; the execution is sub-par. I really wish they weren’t just a plain plastic finish. The color reeks of plastic too. It’s not gloss or metallic, it’s just... plastic.

bmw 2002 turbo

Take a breath, count backwards from ten, feel better now? I know you think its the Silvia, but here’s why I picked the BMW. There are only two truly iconic automobiles in this series: the Mini, and this BMW. Pretend JDM hype doesn’t exist. The AMC is too obscure and the Huracan is the supercar flavor of the week. The 2002 put BMW on the map, and the Turbo put them on the top of the charts. It made turbocharging cars cool again. Hot Wheels finally gave this casting the front tampos it deserved, along with the legendary mirrored "Turbo 2002" script on the chin spoiler.

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