H​ot Wheels, Now In Non Fungible Token Form

R​LC rarity not enough? Meet the one-offs of the Hot Wheels NFT Garage

13w ago

G​iven Hot Wheels' wholehearted embrace of JDM and other contemporary car culture trends across its mainline, premium and Red Line Club offerings, it's not so surprising that the company is now offering non-fungible tokens of its cars for auction.

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Mattel C​GI video of the NFT Deora II

T​hree cars, to be exact. The Twin Mill, Deora II and (of course) the Bone Shaker. One icon of the brand's Redline Sweet 16, the others a nod to the 2000s that set the stage for what we see today.

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Mattel CGI of the NFT Twin Mill

S​tarting bids on 22 June are just 99 cents, but with an entire week to drive prices up, suffice to say that's going to be far from the final bid. And there's another catch, all bids and payments must be made in Ethereum, so if you don't have a wallet for the cryptocurrency, you have until Tuesday to get one set up.

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T​he NFT Bone Shaker

M​attel has stated to the New York Times that this is just the start of NFT offerings based on its brands, with president and CEO Michael Dickson saying that "We need to be on top of current conversations". Judging by the fact that I've bashed this out and you've read this far, looks like they have done just that.

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Comments (2)

  • still fuzzy on the whole NFT thing, but if I cared enough I guess I'd look it up.

      2 months ago
  • Interesting. So there will only be one of each of these? Or maybe one in different colorways?

    I would suspect these might go for a pretty penny. Especially the Bone Shaker and Twin Mill...

      3 months ago