Hotwheels Peugeot 505

So minty it smells like gum.

11w ago

I am old enough to have remembered when the 505 actually roamed American roads. It was a very very brief blip in automotive history but it did happen. I was very young then, but I do remember these cars because the front grille/headlight appearance was menacing looking. Aside from the mean face, there wasn't else that was incredibly remarkable about these cars that stuck in my brain. However, I did see one for sale in front of a Hotel 5 years ago covered in dust. I'm still kicking myself for not checking it out to see if it was dirt cheap. Missed opportunity. I didn't miss the opportunity to pounce on this super minty Hotwheels version that popped up on the mother of all auction sites. It's in far better condition than the pictures provided in the auction. A delightful surprise. Super happy to have this in collection... and I am going to have to find a beater now because I discovered that a 4 wheel drive, lifted, wagon version was made!!!! I will have to make a custom someday. Pic at the end of the article.

HOLY SMOKES I will have to make a custom version someday to match this lifted wagon version.

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Comments (4)

  • I have the dark blue version of this Hot Wheels from my childhood. That enamel blue paint was pretty robust.

      2 months ago
    • I had the same one, in dark blue. Says a lot - all of the race cars/exotics/fantasy items on the pegs, and we pick a Peugeot 505.

        2 months ago
  • Nice. Can't wait to see the custom.

      2 months ago
  • Oh yes! The lifted wagon needs a diecast version!

      2 months ago