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House Built By Ancestor of Abraham Lincoln Wrecked In Car Crash

Driver in Audi Q7 crossover crashed into the house after trying to avoid a squirrel

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It's one thing to crash into a house. It's another thing to crash into the house built by the ancestor of one of America's most beloved presidents.

That's what happened in Hingham, Massachusetts, when a driver of an Audi Q7 crashed into Samuel Lincoln's Cottage at 182 North Street after swerving to avoid a squirrel.

NBC Boston reported on an incident a week ago that involved a 19-year-old woman (name withheld), her Q7, a squirrel and the house, whose current tenants were rudely awakened by the crash that damaged much of the living room and destroyed a sign. Neither the driver nor the occupants sustained injuries.

Hingham Police slapped the driver with a citation for failure to stay in marked lanes but otherwise wasn't charged with anything else. Still, it must be fairly unnerving for her to find out just how significant the house she just crashed into actually is.

Photo from WickedLocal

Photo from WickedLocal

The cottage, see, is one of the two estates that Samuel Lincoln (1620-1690), the great-great-great-great-grandfather of the Great Emancipator, built on the spot of land he bought in Hingham as one of the first settlers in the area. "Seven generations of Lincoln descendants lived here," before the cottage became a historic museum and, eventually, a residential home for a couple for 33 years.

A local specialist in constructing and maintaining historic houses shall lead the renovations for the house.

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Comments (13)

  • but these boards don't look as if someone from the 17th century built the house; they look cheapo. I did think they'd used better wood in those days..??

      9 days ago
    • maybe it's already been rebuilt at some moment?

        9 days ago
    • The building envelope won't last that long, undoubtedly the roof and siding have been renewed likely several times. Look closely at the vertical post at the left front corner, however, and you will spot 17th century framing.

        8 days ago
  • I thought we had a deal with the squirrels?

      9 days ago
  • Thats... quite interesting

      6 days ago
  • They only made that Ford Lincoln Mercury Mustang look like an Audi. We all know better.

      8 days ago
  • Sure it wasn't a pelican?

      8 days ago