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There are pros and cons to every argument. Except this one.

4y ago

The votes have been tallied and the balloons dropped. The Toyota has taken it by the skin of its massive grill. It seem like most of you either really dislike going to work, or are unemployed. Either way I'm not sure the right choice was made. While the Lexus LC500 is by far the best looking car on offer from the Japanese Juggernaut, it still consists of 4400 pounds of roast beef and cheese. I'm just not sure that its 471 HP are enough to make it truly special. Plus, you can outfit it as a fuel saving hybrid rather than a performance enhancing hybrid and that makes it a Prius in a track suit. It also costs an eye watering $93,000 dollars. You could have a Giulia Quadrifoglio and a Golf GTI for that. Anyway, I must move on.

Here are the results:

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I really want to hear the rational behind what is chosen here...

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