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New Fangled Fanciness Meets Old School Math. Muffler bearings sold separately.

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1:44 Engine Dyno Sim Make More Horsepower

If you’ve built a custom car or restored a classic you no doubt hear claims along the lines of “buy this and you’ll make an extra 1000 hp, just $29.95!!”. Well I’m skeptical too and I know I don’t want to sound like another infomercial so I’m asking you to hear me out?

Making horsepower isn’t easy or cheap.

Sure some apps can help you tune your engine or tell you about issues but everything has limits. The app I’m writing to you about today has limits too. It’s called RidePlan and it does what the name implies: helps you plan your custom car.

With planning you can make more horsepower and maybe save some money

The details and planning that go into custom cars really make the difference. That’s where I’d like to help and that’s the goal of the app. You already do plan your project cars.

RidePlan can help with the math involved with building or rebuilding your engine

It helps estimate horsepower and works hard to take your idea and put it into information you can use when you’re building your next project vehicle. Not “buy these parts from xyz brands” but math, specifications and minimum sizes to help you build your engine and estimate how to reach your horsepower goals.

It won’t add a 1000 hp with new muffler bearings

If you’d like to try it, go to as of March 2017 it’s available as an Android app and a web browser based version is on the way.

How it works

The app uses specifications about your engine combination you enter, the weather conditions you select or the "scientific standards" and the specific tune you choose. It takes all of it and estimates horsepower and horsepower potential. It'll help you choose intake and exhaust sizes to optimize your RPM range where you'd like and compare cylinder heads and cams to help see if you'll meet your goals.



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