How and where we can keep making and enjoying quizzes in the future.

Where you can keep making and enjoying quizzes beyond DriveTribe, and where i'm going next...

3d ago

Hello everyone, following the news of the closing of DriveTribe earlier this week, i have been concerned about where and how we quiz makers can keep doing our "stuff" and for the past few days i've been doing some research to find us all a new "home" and on this post i will be telling you all the conclusion, but beforehand. I would like to thank Logan Page, Rob Komlos, The Jaaaaaaag fan, Marcus Milligan, and Dylan Swain for helping me with the process. Please check them out on the link i will provide at the end of the article.

How we can make our quizzes...

I have done some digging, and the only viable website for us currently is a website called "BuzzFeed", It's really really great for us creators to use their quiz creation tool and it's pretty handy, infact i've tried making a test quiz for you guys to check it out here. The quiz editor should be easy to use, but to make it easier for everyone to get started, i have also created a tutorial on how to make a quiz there, click here for more info.

However, the main concern for this is that obviously BuzzFeed isn't exactly for car enthusiasts like us, so we have decided that the most we can do is making and posting the quizzes there, then posting the link or embedding it on other car enthusiast websites. So that brings us to the next question, which is

Where can we upload our quizzes...

Since using the BuzzFeed platform as a social media for us isn't a viable option, we have decided that the best way is to post it either on DT's subreddit which you can access here.

Or you may post it on DT's Discord server, on the "quizzes" channel which i would provide in this link.

I also would like to add, that opposite lock isn't really a good place for quizzes. And the people over there have said to me that they would like to limit quiz posts there to one per day or less. So to respect them, please do not post quizzes there unless you ask the moderators.

other alternatives.

I know there might be some people who aren't going to be too keen to be using BuzzFeed, and for those people i can also recommend using "Google Forms" which you can access through google classroom, however... we have decided that this isn't really the best option. But is still here if you really don't want to use BuzzFeed, you can check out my test quiz here. Please tell me on the comments below if you would like for me to make a tutorial on how to make a quiz here.

As for me, i would like to try to continue making content such as articles, reviews and quizzes through my instagram account. but also keeping updates on the subreddit and the discord server. But also i will be posting articles on my account on opposite-lock.

DriveTribe has been an amazing journey and especially for me the quiz making part is my favourite, so i did all this in effort to keep it all alive for all of us. It's not quite what i would want which is to create my own website, but this is the best i can do. Do check out the people who's helped me made this:

Logan Page Playstation account:

Rob Komlos Instagram account:

The Jaaaaaaag fan

Marcus Milligan

Dylan Swain:,

Thanks all! any question is welcomed below!

I would also add that the website "Shifting Lanes" is a great alternative for you guys if you guys would like to write some stuff, at the moment they are working on improving the website and if you guys would like to register, please enter your email on the "Shifting Lanes" channel on the Discord server here. They are also planning on adding a quiz feature there and so we might not have to be stuck with BuzzFeed forever anyways. Thank you!

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  • This is great, hope this post geht's more publicity

      1 day ago
  • Thanks for putting together this article and for approaching me for help. I will do what I can. There's literally nothing on my Instagram account, but I will begin to check in there more often starting today and use it as a temporary way to keep in touch after DT is gone and before we find a new home to continue doing what we love.

      3 days ago
  • I'll also pump out my quiz production on Discord and on Reddit to provide entertainment for all of you in hopes to kick off the quiz making "industry" again, so please enjoy!

      3 days ago