How and why are these Corvette seats worth $90,000?

    Ninety thousand what? Dollars?

    We know the pre-owned and classic car market is going crazy but this is just on another level. This isn't even a car. This is just a set of seats. Yes, somebody recently posted a listing with a set of original GM Motorama Waldorf prototype seats for sale. For $90,000.

    These seats come from the prototype that preceded the actual 1953 production Corvette, the first of the breed. The EX-52 Project Opel and the EX-53 Motorama were both created as testbeds for what would eventually become the first-gen Corvette we know today.

    The EX-52, which is where these seats come from, was built in December 1952 and unveiled at the 1953 GM Motorama Waldorf-Astoria. Both the EX-52 and EX-53 were eventually stripped of the original upholstery and seats and given carpets, panels and trim from the production version.

    The seats are featured in Ken Kayser's 2017 "Corvette Legend or Myth Volume I - The "Real Story" of the 1953 Corvette & Zora's Passion". It's a certainly a unique proposition, but is it worth $90k?

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    • I personally wouldn’t pay $90,000 for car seats but these are real pieces of automotive history and I can understand the value of them. I would personally just leave the seats as they are.

        29 days ago
    • These should be in a museum such as the Peterson or Lane. These should not be in private hands. Hopefully somebody donates them. Just my two cents.

        29 days ago
    • $90000 for seats of this condition


        29 days ago
    • See, Corvette seats dont wear as well as Mercedes Benz seats 😁

        29 days ago
    • I can understand as to why they are that expensive,but I would never buy it even if I was filthy rich.

        29 days ago


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