How are roadsters perceived?

A poll I carried out recently over the span of 4 days had some pretty insightful results. When you talk to people about buying a used MX-5, Z3, or Boxster, depending on the person, they’ll tell you, “That’s a hairdresser’s car, mate!” or, “Damn that’s cool”. Urban Dictionary has not one, not two, but four definitions for hairdressers car, all of them basically saying if you own a two-seater convertible, you’re likely to be gay.

I have no idea why it's used a slur but people hate the idea of having their car called as such. (Image source: Wikipedia Commons)

On the other hand, Top Gear recently published a pretty comprehensive article on why the hairdresser claim is bullsh*t, which is supplemented by a Carthrottle post two years ago that went along the same lines. While I absolutely and undeniably agree that these cars are in no way hairdresser’s cars (whether literally or otherwise), I wanted to find out which opinion is more common. That was the reason why I conducted the poll.

I asked, “What do you think of a person driving by in a roadster?” The options included, “Sporty person”, “Cool person”, “Hairdresser”, “Juvenile”, and “Other”.

The results were as follows:

The results from Facebook that surprising show not a single person thinks of them as hairdressers. Facebook kindly provided the above graph.

On Facebook, 50% of people said they thought the person is sporty, 20% though the person was cool, and 20% thought something else altogether. None of the people who participated in the poll chose the hairdresser option, which was rather surprising.

On Twitter, the results were pretty clear too. All the people who participated said the person driving by in the roadster was sporty. (No cool graphs from Twitter)

The 4th gen Mazda MX-5 has an undeniably sporty appeal. (Image source Mazda press site)

Now, based on the number of people who took part in both surveys (a gigantic total of 23!), this represents a very small, even miniscule part of the whole. Look up any number of car forums and you’ll still see a large number of people holding the opinion that roadsters are less manly.

I vehemently disagree!

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