How Aston Martin made the AMG V8 powered DB11 sound like an Aston should

The luxury GT maker has recently given AMG V8 power to one of its halo models; here is how they retained that hallmark Aston Martin soundtrack

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With Aston Martin recently giving their DB11 the V8 twin-turbo motor which is used across the Mercedes AMG model range, the purists had one concern? Would its new German heart make the sound of a proper Aston Martin?

Autoguide spoke with Simon Croft who is responsible for the global launch strategy of Aston Martin; he revealed that the companies engineers spent a lot of time and effort was put in with one single aim; to make sure the V8 emits the sounds of a proper bonafide Aston.

Good job Aston, sounds like it should do

Good job Aston, sounds like it should do

According to Croft, the Mercedes AMG unit emits a very low-frequency bass-heavy sound which is not in character with an Aston Martin engine. He also stated that the company required a higher frequency with which dominate proceedings.

Now, the team at Gaydon could have installed sound symposers internally and externally to get the sound right. But this would be very uncouth and not the Aston Martin way. Instead, the Aston boffins did it the old-fashioned way by tweaking the intakes and exhaust setup with actual engineering including adjustments to the throttle progression and the engine management software which enabled them to give the engine a full compliment of an Aston character sound track.

For once, a carmaker has done things the old fashioned way with good old-fashioned engineering rather than fancy-dan trickery, good job Aston for the noise alone we thank you.

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  • Beautiful! And hopefully they can do better than Honda did in the F1 game should they decide to enter

      4 years ago