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An F40 from BMW?! What is that?!

  • 3rd Gen 1 series
  • 1st gen 2 series
  • 3rd gen 3 series

What does BMW call its MPV version of the 2 Series?

  • Active Tourer
  • Ultimate Driving Machine
  • Long Tourer

Which one of these BMWs were first to use VANOS system?

  • E36
  • E46
  • E24

After how many miles water has to be refilled in the water injection system of The BMW M4 GTS?

  • 1700
  • 1500
  • 1000

Which one of these BMW models use a V10 engine?

  • E60 M5
  • F06/F12/F13 M6
  • F91/F92/F93 M8

Which BMW was the third 'M' Badged car

  • E30 M3
  • E28 M5
  • E24 M6

Which generation of the BMW 7 series was first offered in a hybrid option as well?

  • F01 7 Series (5th gen)
  • G11/G12 7 Series (6th gen)
  • E68 7 Series (4th gen)

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