H​ow Chadwick Boseman saved the LC500 (RIP Chadwick Boseman)

T​oday, I tell you how Chadwick Boseman saved the LC500.

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

T​oday, Chadwick Boseman lost a 4 year-long battle to cancer and he died at only 43. Normally, when a celebrity dies, I don’t really do anything to be honest but Chadwick Boseman was not just a celebrity- he was an icon.

He proved that black-lead films really could draw massive audience and inspired many whilst doing it.

I​ thought that I needed to somehow get the DT community to remember him which is why I’m writing this article today.

H​ow did Chadwick Boseman save the LC500?

B​lack Panther is the 9th highest grossing film of all time so it makes sense to hear that anything in that film became, well, more popular.

O​ne of those things included the Lexus LC500 that was used in a car chase in South Korea

I​n this chase, the LC500 was painted to be a fast, elegant and technologically advanced sports car and the viewers loved it. In fact, some people even went as far to call it the best film car of the year. The chase also included an LS500 and though the car is reasonably successfu, I think it would‘ve been just as successful without the film feature.

L​exus were incredibly pleased with the outcome and were even more pleased when Chadwick started to pop up in some Lexus ads.

H​e helped to advertise the LS500 and the LC500. What I find clever is that the main slogan of the ad was ‘Long live the king’.

B​ut how did Chad save the LC500?

With some specs reaching over £80,000, the LC500 is now rivals with the likes of the Porsche 911 and AMG GT and to put it simply, people would much rather spend that money on something well-known as an oppose to something that nobody’s really heard of.

F​urthermore, the Lexus brand is usually seen as something for grandads which is why having one of the models in Black Panther saved it.

If you haven’t quite gathered why or rather what specific reasons lead to the LC500 being saved by Black Panther, well then here‘s the exact reason:

A​s I mentioned earlier, the LC500 was painted to be a fast, elegant and technologically advanced vehicle. Do those qualities of a film car sound familiar? Maybe they‘re similar to that of let’s say a 107 year-old British car manufacturer? Yes, I’m talking about the legendary Aston Martin.

N​ow, I am in no way saying that the LC500 is a rival for any Aston Martin because you simply cannot compare the two seen as one usually costs double or triple the amount of the other but what I am saying is that Black Panther made the LC500 seem like a cheaper way to get into that class of cars which is how they ended up saving it.

T​hat and the fact that they made the car look pretty cool in the chase.

C​heck out this cool modified version!

I​n order to commemorate the partnership between Lexus and Marvel for the Black Panther film, Lexus built this one-off custom edition LC500 that was inspired by the film.

T​hanks for reading!

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  • I love that lexus. Looks sick, has a V8, is luxurious, but the name is a mouthful and people buy Mercs over Lexus.

      20 days ago
    • Sad but extremely true.. People rather have a worse in every way mercedes with a 4 or lucky a 6 cilinder than this. For no reason what so ever except for the badge

        20 days ago
    • Great sounding V8 too. Nice to see a N/A engine in a modern car for a change.

        20 days ago
  • Don’t know who Chadwick Boseman is but I’ll be sad anyway, I do like Lexus, highly underrated.

      20 days ago
  • RIP Chadwick Boseman. @tribe

      20 days ago
  • I think the LC500 still would have done relatively well compared to the S coupe and the 8 Series and the film feature was just an extra booster, still RIP Boseman 🙏

      20 days ago
  • Black Panther was probably one of my favorite marvel movies. RIP Chadwick Boseman. That Lexus is sick, though.

      20 days ago