How clean is you engine bay?

      When cleaning you car, do you ever think about cleaning your engine bay? Show us a picture of your engine bay clean or dirty! Photo credit: AutoGlym Ireland.

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      Comments (13)

      • Extremely. The dealership sprayed compressed air in it.

          2 months ago
      • A little bit dusty but otherwise pretty clean. 😁

          2 months ago
      • Generally speaking, I only clean the engine bay when I am looking for leaks, and damage. Otherwise, it is mostly irrelevant to me.

          2 months ago
      • Clean. Cover the throttle body, spray a ton of degreaser and hose it down. Wipe the plastic and what not, call it a day.

          2 months ago
      • Clean enough. Not as clean as my cars past.

          2 months ago


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