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How comfortable does a video game make you for the track? | Part 2

The halfway point to 10 laps a day on VIR in Forza.

5w ago

Recap from last time, I will be attending a track day at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in my BMW E92 M3 this summer. VIR will be the first track I will drive on that is actually in a video game. I have been driving 10 laps a day in Forza Motorsport in a BMW E92 M3 on the VIR track to see just how comfortable it will make me for a month leading up to a track day at VIR in real life. Road to VIR Day 1: https://youtu.be/7NHqtWCcwko

So where we are now, this video is 15 days after my first video above - the halfway point of our journey. The craziest thing to note is after 15 days I am now faster on the standing start first lap than I was on the fastest flying lap during my Day 1 recording. Fasted Standing Start Now = 2 min 15.544 sec, Fastest Flyer Then = 2 min 16.018 sec.

Beyond that, my times on my flying laps are getting drastically faster. I am now consistently in the 2 min 10 sec to 12 sec range. In the video, my fastest lap was lap #9, where I hit 2 min 10.437. That has not been my fastest lap in the 15 days of driving though, that honor went oddly enough to the day before where I hit 2 min 9.274 sec. I must have hopped a curb or something during that lap.

Cutting time in a game with no risk is one thing, but after 15 days I now know all the corners of VIR in my sleep. Part of the problem with becoming so fast in the game is I can tell I am already driving beyond my risk threshold I would in real life. My M3 isn't exactly on daily driver duty anymore, but it still holds personal value to the point as I might not be hitting these curbs like I do in the game.

Be sure to check out the laps above and comment your analysis, if you want to skip straight to my fastest lap, skip to the 18:00 mark. I welcome all analysis and suggestions to cut more time off my lap times.

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Comments (13)

  • you know games are nothing like real life right?

      1 month ago
    • Lol yes of course, the point is to see how comfortable seeing the track layout everyday 10 laps will make me. Instead of binging VIR YouTube videos this has been invaluable.

        1 month ago
    • Wait, you're saying I can't powerslide off a hill through a barn in a 1.2 million dollar Koenigsegg at 250 MPH in real life?

        1 month ago
  • Try not to brake in yellow; instead, use good throttle control and step on the brakes lightly.

    Or, try to send it, depending on the situation.

      1 month ago
  • I would cite Nicholas Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton's younger brother, as a good example, but he does have cerebral palsy. While Nicholas is skilled at video game racing, to the point of beating Lewis repeatedly, his skills on an actual track haven't been as impressive.

      1 month ago
  • Reminds me of the old Top Gear episode where Jeremy tried to beat himself in real life, as opposed to Gran Turismo 4

      1 month ago
  • Good way to familiarise with a track if you get the right orientation say like an international section Vs national section, I’ve done Highlands raceway when the Toyota series was at the track and jumped on the simulator and it made me realise how the track actually went and I could see why people were making mistakes at certain corners

      1 month ago