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How comfortable does a video game make you for the track? | Road to VIR Part 1

I am going to drive VIR 10 laps a day in Forza Motorsport for a month until a track day at VIR to see how it helps.

8w ago

I will be attending a track day at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) in my BMW E92 M3 this summer. I have a bunch of track days under my belt at East Coast tracks such as Summit Point, New Jersey Motorsports Park, PittRace, among others, but oddly VIR will be the first track I will drive on that is actually in a video game.

Usually I have to rely on online video footage to do my homework of the track getting the lines right, but being that the track is in Forza Motorsport I can get some extra homework that way.

So I had the thought just how comfortable can driving 10 laps a day in Forza Motorsport in a BMW E92 M3 on the VIR track will make me when it comes time to hit the track?

Note, I am driving in Forza Motorsport 6 as it was free on Games with Gold a few months back. My car is a dual clutch transmission model, so the gearing isn't quite right mostly in the lower gears figuring out if a corner is a 2nd or 3rd gear corner, so I will not be focusing on that. In the gameplay footage you will also see I turned on the braking zones to keep me in check with some sort of real life risk. It is a game, I could not stop and hit a wall on purpose if I wanted to, so I wanted at least the braking line to lock me down into some sort of realism.

This is just part one. I plan on doing a halfway point (15 days later) video and a night before the track (30 days later) video. Then of course there will be some real life track video footage and potentially a comparison video feature showcasing just how faster I am in game vs real life or maybe vice versa.

In this Day 1 practice gameplay footage, my fastest lap was oddly enough lap 10 of 10, where I did a 2 min 16.018 second lap, I can only assume that I will get faster in the game on VIR, but no promises.

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Comments (5)

  • Can't wait to hear how this works out!

      1 month ago
  • There was a dreamcast game 20+ years ago maybe project gotham racing sort of precursor to forza. It was based around San Francisco years later went to visit and knew my way around like i was born there so yes this will work.

      1 month ago
  • When you hit the track, you won't have the racing line to look at

      1 month ago
    • Agreed. That is why I turned off off line. That is actually the brake line less for me to watch and more to keep me in check that it is a game, but to try to take corners like real life.

        1 month ago