How cool is this bedford pickup truck

2y ago


Now when was the last time you saw one of these on the roads? For those who think this is just another American pickup, you are wrong. But you could be forgiven for a first glance assumption. It sure does look like a classic 1950s/60s pickup doesn't it. Well its not. What we have here is a very rare 1961 Bedford Jo truck.

Yes this is a Vauxhall, aka a GM brand utilising the Bedford badge.

These trucks were built by Bedford Vehicles who were owned by Vauxhall, who themselves were owned by General Motors. Bedford produced mainly commercial vehicles and trucks with production based at their Dunstable factory. The Bedford TJ range was introduced in 1958 and remained in production until 1975. Power was supplied by the Vauxhall Cresta 2.6 straight six engine. The lightest truck in the range was the Jo, which is the model here. They weren't very big sellers in the UK with some 5,000 Jo's built. And it is believed that just 20 survive to this day, making them very rare indeed.

The front grill and headlamps are very distinctive with lots of chrome.

This particular truck was offered for sale at Historics at Brooklands sale on the 26th November. It was painstakingly restored by the seller, who spent 5 years of his 8 year ownership collecting enough spares together start a nut and bolt restoration. The standard of the work was impressive and in our books, this truck is a show winner, such was the quality of the restoration. It sold for £45,000 which reflects the rarity of this British built pickup. We think its pretty cool and would love to turn up to a car show in this. The likelihood that you would be the only Bedford Jo truck there would be very high indeed.

I love lamp!

Petrol and diesel engines were offered. This one takes Gas, as our American friends would say.

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