How did anyone survive this brutal Nissan 350Z barrel roll crash?

It's a miracle the driver was able to walk away.

7w ago

Car crashes are never something to be glorified. They are horrific events which are painful to watch which is why we are so amazed the driver of this one managed to survive.

This clip posted to YouTube from a lorry dashcam video shows a white Nissan 350Z shooting past and flying up a nearby sandy verge. It then proceeded to barrel roll a countless number of times before coming to a halt after skimming the front of the lorry.

The video ends there and we don't see anything else. However, according to CarScoops the driver is alright as they posted the news on Facebook. He said, “Not today satan, not today. Gonna have to wait a little longer to get me. Flipped about 3-4 times. Just got discharged. X-rays and scans came back clean. Just a little sore.”

It's a miracle he lived to tell the tale and hopefully he has learned a lesson from this.

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