How Do Motorcycle Accidents Compare to Car Accidents?

You might be wondering what the difference is between a motorcycle accident and a car accident? Is one more common than the other?

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can be caused by a number of different things. Of course, there are a few culprits we see time and time again, and things that are often at the center of a car accident and insurance claims.

1. Distractions. It is easier than ever to get distracted while you are driving your car. Many people don’t put their phone on silent, and many people respond to calls and messages, but even something like changing the radio stations can be a distraction.

2. Driving too fast. There are speed limits for a reason, and one of the most common causes of accidents is simply people going too quickly and not giving themselves time to react.

3. Driving while tired. A lot of people don’t realize just how dangerous this is. Driving while tired can be similar to driving under the influence, and many people have accidents when drowsy.

Of course, there are far more things that can possibly cause car accidents.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accident

Insurance companies and motorcycle injury lawyers see the same sorts of claims time and time again, too. There are many common causes of motorcycle accidents which vary from car accidents.

1. Unsafe overtaking and lane changes. Motorcycles do this far more than cars, and there is always a chance of an accident.

2. Car doors. Car doors opening can be another cause of motorcycle accidents, as people haven’t checked their surroundings.

3. Speed. Motorcycles can reach incredible speeds and sometimes this can cause a loss of control.

Injuries and Fatalities

Both types of accidents can cause injuries, and sadly there are instances where these accidents can kill. Within a car, you can make use of a few more safety precautions such as airbags, but these don’t always save people. However, when you are on a motorcycle, you will have a lot less protection, leaving you susceptible to the road and other vehicles. Coming off a motorcycle at high speed leaves you at the mercy of the road.

Sadly, there are so many more fatalities for motorcyclists. People aren’t always saved by their helmets and clothing. Depending on where you live, local figures could see up to 30 times as many deaths from motorcycle accidents.

It is not uncommon to just get cuts and bruises if you come off a motorcycle at a low speed, but there is no denying that the risk is higher than within a car. You are less likely to get trapped if you have an accident riding a motorcycle, but other than this, there aren’t many safety benefits.

Motorcycle vs. Car Insurance Claims

Motorcycle insurance policies need to consider different things. If repairs need to be made then they will likely be cheaper, but because of the high-risk involved with riding a motorcycle compared to a car, you might find that insurance policies are more expensive, especially if you can’t prove years of safe driving.

The claim process tends to be pretty similar. Depending on the type of cover you have, you may need to claim for damage to other vehicles and property if the worst should happen, rather than just claiming for repairs or replacements for a vehicle.

There is a need to keep evidence of events when an insurance claim is made, and the insurer may well investigate some of the aspects of the claim to ensure it is legitimate and that the value of the claim is correct.

Different policies have different levels of cover as well as prices, so it is important to shop around and compare the cover you are getting when you buy insurance for your motorcycle or for your car. Motorcycles are seen as higher risk, and it makes sense to cover yourself for all eventualities.

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