How Do Wheels Impact EV Range?

A Deep Dive Into Aerodynamics, Rolling Resistance, and Wheel Size!

10w ago

Do bigger wheels affect EV range? How much more range will a Tesla Model 3 have with 18" wheels, versus 20" wheels? What about a Tesla Model S, or a Tesla Model X? In this video, we'll analyze how tire width, rolling resistance, and wheel size impact an electric car's range. Personally I was surprised how large the impact is! Especially for highway driving, it's important to know how your wheel size can affect your electric car's range. And with the knowledge learned from this video, is it possible that big wheels alone make up a significant portion of our nation's emissions? Join team big sidewall to see ride comfort, cost, efficiency, and emissions benefits!

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Comments (15)

  • Just buy a car with an engine bam problem solved

      2 months ago
  • This just reinforces how little "The Tesla Effect" has to do with "saving the world"...

    Tesla engineers KNOW all this stuff-- yet the company will over cars with 20" wheels and close to a ton of dead weight in batteries. It's all crazy

      2 months ago
  • Very interesting.

    I like your videos, even though you talk too fast and I don’t understand everything you say.

    But I’m learning!

    The % difference in some of those is remarkable, especially when you consider what a minor change it was.

    As range anxiety is quite a problem with EV ownership this is something that everyone should be made aware of.

    For years we’ve looked at bigger wheels, low profile, fat tyres, super grippy, performance enhancing.

    Now we have to change mindset completely.

    All makes sense to me

      2 months ago
  • It's about time the current fashion for stupidly big rims and skinny sidewalls was reversed, at least for ordinary road cars. Bring back 15" rims with donut shaped tyres and we will all ride more comfortably. I think that big gaps between rims and brake discs look stupid.

      2 months ago
  • I would say you left out one important aspect that will likely offset some of those gains. Probably not as important on an EV since they have regenerative braking. However, I have had this discussion before related to handling and performance with ICE vehicles. Wheels tend to weight next to nothing compared to tires. A larger wheel may weight more than a smaller wheel, but put a tire on and suddenly that large wheel weights less. So a low profile tire saves a lot of weight. Since at some point you are going to have to accelerate from a stop up to the 70mph speed you used, that extra weight will mean slower acceleration and more energy used to get to speed. Yes with an EV you can get back some of that energy back but you'll never get all of it back. How much does a heavier tire wheel combo take out of that savings?

      2 months ago