How do you fancy setting a Nurburgring Lap Record?!?!

A Nurburgring Lap Record for Drivetribe.....that is.....

Firstly, if you don't currently have access to Gran Turismo Sport, goodbye.

Secondly, check out my japanese:

"Dakara watashi wa kono passato o mota ita".

And thirdly, welcome to my new competition, with a very rare and quite over-generous reward for the winner!

I want you to visit Gran Turismo Sport's "Time Trial" section, and attempt one lap of the NURBURGRING NORDSCHLEIFE! The rules are quite simple:

1. You must use the Alfa Romeo 4C to complete your lap (the one you start with).

2. You can have as many goes at the lap as you like.

3. Your entry counts if you show a picture of your lap time upon completion.

For example, here is my time that you have to beat in the 4C:

4. Make sure to choose the correct's the Nordschleife layout!

5. Upload your picture to this comments section.

6. Deadline is whenever I have enough entries which will be never so please try.

And I think that's all, if there's anything you need to know before giving this challenge a bash ask away in the comments which will be regularly give it a go!!!

Good luck if literally any of you do this....... please do lmao.

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