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H​ow do you feel about tesla?
  • I​ think they make great cars!
  • T​here cool
  • C​ould be better
  • M​eh
  • I​ hate Them They are a automotive BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!
  • S​EXY!!!!!

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  • Electric cars still use power from coal/natural gas power plants and yet owners brag about how clean they are 🙄

      9 months ago
    • Because even powered from the dirtiest grid, they are.

        9 months ago
    • Where I live, 85% of our electricity is generated from renewable, nuclear, and large hydro sources. Only 15% is from natural gas, no coal. That’s what’s powering my Tesla, so yeah, I suppose I can brag about how clean they are.

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        9 months ago
  • They all talk no bite. Useless

      9 months ago
  • They're*

      9 months ago
  • They said “there” instead of “they’re”

      9 months ago
  • Burn them all. Oh wait they do that them selves

      9 months ago