How do you make a fan car road legal?

Gordon Murray and I spent an afternoon discussing all the secrets of the T.50 hypercar

28w ago

After our video revealing the T.50 hypercar, we discovered that we had loads of incredibly insightful footage left over, with Gordon Murray and I discussing more of the engineering firsts that are being brought to the car industry via this stunning car.

Gordon also has some very interesting things to say about the other hypercars that the T.50 will be up against. So here is 20 minutes of engineering madness for the geekiest of car people out there!

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  • I fell for this car just seeing it. So perfectly designed, no wings or splitters just smooth lines.

    The more I learned the more fascinated I became.

    One minor irritation though- the indicators are on the wheel rather than stalks, the reason being the driver won't have to release grip on the wheel. It's a manual! 🧐🤔

      6 months ago
    • Yes, I picked up on that too. I think indicators on stalks is simple and works, should have stuck to that

        6 months ago
    • I'm guessing in a few years time we'll get another vid where Gordon explains what he hates about the T50 and those buttons get a mention? 🤣🤣🤔🧐

        6 months ago
  • Just put the fan inside for air condition

      6 months ago
  • Something that's really cool that's come across with Gordon Murray when he's been talking about the car is that he does have an old-school philosophy about his cars but he isn't afraid of technology. Like when he talks about still being a guy who uses drawing boards like Adrian Newey does yet he talks about how brilliant it is that we've moved beyond signing off designs in clay and we can really fine-tune stuff like where the light is going to land on the car months before it's actually a thing in the flesh.

    I wish more old-school petrolheads had that mentality. I think there really is a lot that can be learned by adapting old-school philosophies of car building to new technology e.g. simplify and add lightness-style construction but applying that to a fully electric sportscar (which is what I hope Lotus is going to do in the future for whatever the post-ICE iteration of the Elise is going to be).

      6 months ago
    • Agree, that’s what I love about Gordon Murray too. Ultimately, he’s an engineer which means he’s going to embrace technology, but he doesn’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater to create a “tech-fest” at the expense of...

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        6 months ago
  • Nice post. Genuinely. Just for conversation sakes this is not the first road legal fan car. It’s not even the first road fan car from Gordon Murray. Gordon murray said himself that the Mclaren F1 is a fan car (although not to the extent of having a massive fan on the back but did have a couple small/weak fans in the rear for the same general purpose). People just never associate the F1 with a being fan car coz it made so much breaking news in other areas (eg fastest road car, first road car with full carbon body, gold in engine bay etc etc overshadowed the fact the F1 was/is a fan car) said by Gordon Murray NOT just my opinion

    As I said tho cool post and enjoyed

      6 months ago
  • Gordon Murray discussing the F1 Brabham fan car.

      6 months ago