- Peter Founds and Jevan Walmsley flooring it round Castle Combe.

How do you recover a sidecar?

38w ago


The FSRA British Championship F2 Sidecar Championship came to Castle Combe in Wiltshire back in the first weekend on September, in which Peter Founds and Jevan Walmsley clinched the Super F2 title. At the end of the race most of the sidecars came back to the paddock using their own steam. Some even came back looking relaxed as below with Ashley Moore sat on the park of the Gibson Racing Suzuki Sidecar.

Daryl Gibson with the very relaxed Ashley Moore in the number 7 Gibson Racing Sidecar.

A Friendly Push

Whilst some Unfortantley couldn't return back under their own power and had to have a helping hand from some friendly competitors. Looking below you'd be mistaken to think that Peter Founds and Jevan Walmsley is about to collide with number 3 Conrad Harrison & Andy Winkle.

The field making their way back to the paddock.

However if you look closer you'll see Andy Winkle is using his legs to get a push back from Peter Founds after their Bellas Honda lost power. I'd imagine you need strong knees for this style of recovery.

Conrad Harrison and Andy Winkle getting a helping hand from Peter Founds and Jevan Walmsley.

What do you do when theirs no other sidecars available to give you push??

No this is not a white van tailgating Maria Costello MBE and Sarah Stokoe on their NGK LCR Kawasaki, and the rental van is not lost. Unfortantley they had to retire from the race and was given a helpful push by the marshall's using the rental van. I am not sure its the most comfortable way to be recovered, but suppose its the quickest option rather than using a hiab recovery truck.

Maria waves to the crowds.

Good strength is required for the push pack to the paddock.