How do you solve a problem like Lewis Hamilton?

      4y ago


      - Natalie Pinkham is joined in the studio by David Croft and Mark Priestley for this week's F1 Report on Sky Sports F1

      David Croft and Mark Priestley debate on this week's F1 Report.

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      • I do think he is one of the best drivers on the paddock however I am not his biggest fan. I think he acts like a child when things don't go his way. I can see

          4 years ago
      • when are you posting something new?

          3 years ago
      • No problem....he's the best driver. Awesome skill to control the race from the front. Rosberg could have overtaken him if he'd been fast enough. Mercedes had won the 'team' title....this was for the individual who could blame Lewis's approach .... it was the only chance he had for World Champ.

          4 years ago
      • I don't understand why all this is a problem. I think the problem was created by Mercedes when they told (completely unnecessary) Lewis to speed up during last stint. Nico and Lewis should finish thier battle for championship on their own. It seems normal for me especially when you take into account that Mecredes had 3rd championship in pocket.

          4 years ago
      • What problem?

          4 years ago


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