How Does one get terminally lost?

It's tougher than you think. then again, maybe not.

4y ago

A long time ago, in a galaxy…wait, that’s not right. Actually, it was more like half a dozen years ago, when two people met, rather strangely, online. I was writing a script and sent out a tweet wondering if anyone would like a character based on them. A woman I didn’t really know said, “Why not?” Since then, we’ve recorded four podcast series, formed a production company, travelled a little of the world together, and drawn other, hapless souls into our madness. Our tribe consists of Spring Horton, Francine Melcher and John Melcher.

Our latest project idea had been a YouTube show about travelling to interesting places, eating strange foods, and finding silly things to do while we were there. The idea was very much inspired by a certain, beloved show’s holiday specials. As we got to work on the first episode, we heard about Drive Tribe. It all seemed very serendipitous so, of course, we jumped on the bandwagon.

We’ve since tweaked the show idea, calling it Terminally Lost, and focusing on road trips, different modes of transportation, and the silly things that happen along the way. Sadly, the first episode won’t be out right away as some of our road trips have had to wait. However, we also decided to film a companion show called MotorVations. This show will highlight slightly less grand adventures and you will also have the joy of listening to us wax poetic on, sometimes, car related subjects. However, we’ve been known to babble on about just about anything.

As Drive Tribe dawns, we present you with episode one of MotorVations. You will hear us discussing a myriad of important subjects, from feeding buffalo to Korean hair straightening, complete with our totally awesome theme song. Knowing from my own collection of books and music that Richard Hammond wasn’t the only talented one in the Hammond family, we sent off an e-mail to On the Nickel, Andrew Hammond’s band. They do a beautiful version of Stu Larson’s “San Francisco” and we felt it went perfectly with our care free, neo-hippy, road trippy sort of vibe or…whatever. We were surprised when we heard back from Gordon Olvera, On the Nickel’s manager/singer/amazing harmonica player, and he said, “Yep, sure thing.” So here we are, with our very own professional theme song and feeling like very crafty so and so’s.

Along with MotorVations, we also have a photo gallery from the 2016 Tucker, Georgia Cruise In. There was great turn out, with some beautiful and unique classic cars including a maroon (yes maroon of all things!) Rolls Royce and an original condition, 1929 Studebaker Commander Regal four door sedan. The Cruise In almost always involves the local Cofer brothers who have one of the biggest classic car collections around and we hope to be doing a tour and interview with them in the future.

Our other opening photos came about from the opinion that the new Mini models aren’t Minis at all, so we started a grammatically challenged photo gallery called Things That Aren’t a Mini.

We plan to embark on our first road trip adventures in February to get started on the Terminally Lost show. Plans include The Smokey Mountains and a trip to the coast to search for the origins of Southern Beach Music. In the meantime, please enjoy everything else we have to offer!

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