How far can you ride an electric Harley before sunset?

Watch me tackle my own very British version of the Long Way Up

1w ago

For a brief moment last summer we were all allowed outside to top up our tans and prepare for a winter of misery and bloat. I took the chance to embark on a mini adventure. With European travel out of the question, I wanted to see more of the UK. But I wanted to do it in one day, on one of the slightly less practical forms of transport on sale.

My challenge was to take an electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire and see how far I could get in a day, starting at Lucy Brown's chateau on the south coast before heading north. Along the way I investigated some of the UK's weirder culinary options and swore quite a bit at electric chargers. Check the video out below, and subscribe to my motorbike YouTube channel for more two-wheeled content!

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Comments (16)

  • The Yorkshire pudding burrito 🌯 thing sounds delicious!

      6 days ago
  • All I have to say Mr. Rodie is you live a charmed life, my friend. To be able to ride/drive numerous vehicles and discuss them must be a constant pinch-yourself moment. It would be for me. I enjoy watching and reading your intuitive incites into the motoring maelstrom, and trying to decide if that particular vehicle might fit anywhere in my decision.

      4 days ago
  • The best part of a Harley is that engine, take that away and it's just an electric bicycle, completely pointless

      6 days ago
  • There needed to be two of you to be the long way up. Thus proving beyond doubt that it was Harley Doable. Ewan and Charley had pain killing numb bum injections similar to drinking a full bottle of salad cream and tomato ketchup.

      6 days ago
  • I never knew about this. Sounds interesting.

      6 days ago