How far could you drive a classic MG in three hours?

    In place of the Race Of Remembrance, this three-hour challenge is a proper petrolhead fundraising effort

    5w ago


    You have the keys to a bright red MGA and a free airfield racetrack for three hours; how many laps do you reckon you could complete? Well, despite Covid-19 doing its best to tear apart fundraising efforts within the car industry, a group of determined guys and girls are taking on this precise challenge to stand up to Mr 'Rona.

    Headed by a group of folks called the 'Rev-Limiters', this endurance challenge has been set up at Bicester Heritage's test track to raise money for Mission Motorsport over the remembrance weekend.

    The team consisting of numerous UK car people – Reverend Adam Gompertz, Charlotte Vowden, Jimmy De Ville, Matt Sanger and Alex Goy – won't be getting behind the wheel, but will be pushing an MGA for three hours straight, with the aim being to complete as many laps as physically possible.

    The reason for this challenge is that Mission Motorsport's usual event, called the Race Of Remembrance, has been cancelled due to the current global pandemic, leaving the charity £50,000 down on donations for the year.

    Alongside the three-hour lapping of Frisky (yes, the MG has a name) will be a 12-hour walk around the perimeter of Bicester Heritage by a group of occupational therapists that work with the charity.

    Once the MG challenge is all done and dusted, Reverend Gompertz will perform a Remembrance Sunday service, ending what should be an incredibly poignant day for the petrolheads taking part.

    Everyone at DriveTribe wishes the Rev-Limiters the best of luck with the challenge and we look forward to seeing how many laps the team can get on the board!

    If you'd like to follow the going's on from the day, check out the Revs-Limiter Facebook page through the link below:


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    • Answer to the question is it depends on how reliable the MG is to start with.

        1 month ago
    • My mother had a late 60’s MG, and if I’m anything like my father. I could drive a MG for about 5 minutes or however far the nearest telephone pole was.

        1 month ago
    • Not very far at all, I drove one similar and aside from the fact it was slow (expected), double de-clutching every time you needed to change gear was horrendous. Felt like it was going to break.

        1 month ago
    • The first 100m before it cocks up

        1 month ago
    • A more relevant question might be how many times will you have to stop and fix an MG in the 3 hours you try to drive it.......

        1 month ago


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