How far have we come?

Have we moved on from the chevette or are we still a safe nation when it comes to our cars?

3y ago


When my friends and I first starting driving in the heady days of the early 90's, we didn't really care what we looked like, just as long as we could get to that rave or campsite at the same time as our mates. My first car was a Nissan Micra (old style) in a sort of beigey gold. My friends had an assortment of vehicles including the Vauxhall Marina and a rather bouncy Citroen Dyanne with room for an extra passenger in the boot. I have to admit that our aspirations didn't reach much further than the Volkswagen Golf or perhaps if you were really swanky, a BMW 3 Series.

Today I have my BMW 3 Series Diesel, and my friend Georgina has her Volkswagen Golf (in white), but is that depressing, could we have bought more imaginatively? I was curious to find out what we could have got that was more "sexy" for the price or did we do okay? The main criteria are: Room for up to three middle sized children, a dog, some shopping and some pony tack (Georgina, not me - I have refrained from the pony). We can't afford lots of breakdowns, so need plenty of MOT and we aren't hobby mechanics - getting to work is kind of essential.

I would like to hear your suggestions, let me have it...

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