H​ow fast can you get on Gran Turismo in one weekend? Ft. Jimmy Broadbent

I​ ventured to the Gran Turismo World Tour Finals to see how quick I really am

1y ago

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Have you ever had a weekend gaming binge? Well, I travelled to Monaco for the Gran Turismo World Tour Grand Final with one thing in mind – getting as quick as I could around Laguna Seca! Oh, and I had some help along the way...

Can you beat my time? Post it in the comments below!

T​he rules are:

T​oyota FT-1 Gr.3, hard tyres. Good luck!

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Comments (3)

  • We really need this type of stuff but with Forza as well on DT

      1 year ago
  • With BOP

      1 year ago
  • Great video. Lol and I guess I will find out tonight when I turn it on. 😉

      1 year ago