How Ford's Fighting COVID-19: Project Apollo

2w ago


Ford's engineering has entered the fight against the coronavirus, COVID-19. They've developed a Powered Air-Purifying Respirator, or PAPR. The demand for these devices in medical facilities has surpassed the supply, and Ford saw this as an opportunity to lend their expertise towards a worthy cause, and help temporarily boost supply by developing their own unit.

The device went from being an idea on a sheet of paper to a production unit in just 38 days. Incredibly fast. The plastic housing design did not exist prior. The tooling for the housing didn’t exist prior, and yet in this video I'm able to hold something that engineers put together from start to finish in about a month — the same duration it takes me to respond to an e-mail.

When I heard about this project, it reminded me of the story of Apollo 13, where they have to make a square filter fit in a circular hole, using the supplies laid out in front of them representing what the astronauts had. Hours after I heard about the project, I found out Ford called this “Project Apollo.” Watch the video to learn all about it!


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  • Cool Ford makes air filters

      20 days ago
  • This better go smoother than the 2020 Explorer launch.

      17 days ago