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How Hard Can it be do a book review?

let's try with "And on that bombshell" by Richard Porter

First of all I just want to say this, I'm a big fan of Clarkson, Hammond and May, I always loved cars but my skill on this argument are very little, anyway there's a thing I love do most of all and it's read. I'm a book lover and as an italian fan of the boys I had to find their books on Amazon and start read it with my poor english. I really like Drivetribe and as a reader I thought to give my contribution reviewing some of the books related to our favourites three middle-aged men.

This is one of the first I had read, and I loved it....so...tonight...on How Hard can it be...the tribe leader talk about...this:

And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of TOP GEAR

Author: Richard Porter

Some notes about the author, Richard Porter is one of the men who worked on the shadow and bring Top Gear to the Top, and now he work for The Grand Tour, there's not a lot of information about him on the web, sadly all we know is he's born on the 1975 and very talented.

The book was published by Orion in the year 2015

Welcome on the backstage of Top Gear, Richard Porter brilliant script editor of the most popular car show...in the world...tell us what happened before the cameras turned on. Watching a random TG episode at first look you can't even notice there's a script behind it, Clarkson, Hammond and May chemistry works so well to seem like there's no need of it. Porter's introduce the reader on the world of the creative process behind the filming. With his really enjoyable writing style he tell us of the Top Gear office at the bbc headquarters, full of crap from the various film segment where every week the show was write and the one at the Dunsfold airfield, untidy and with dead flies stucked in the windows. He talk about The Stig's concept and of the men who had wear the famous white racesuit, of the celebrities on the reasonable priced car and of the cleaver way they used to choose the location for the specials Obviusly there's a lot of behind the scenes and really funny anedocts. The general impression of it, is like be at the pub with a mate who talk to you of his very interesting work, a must have for all the Clarkson, Hammond and May fans.

Personally I loved this book, the writing style is light and enjoyable for every one, as a fans of the show I find it very interesting, it really give a perfect panoramic of the program and the boys, in and outside the studio, all the facts Porter tell us give a new point of view at the reader, I laughed at every page and some moments are heartwarming, is a book who every one should read before criticise Clarkson and I really appreciate the portrait he did of him, despite all the fracas with BBC. I'm waiting for a new one about The Grand Tour!

Ps: When I write this, The Grand Tour Guide to the World wasn't avaible, maybe soon I'll review it as well. Thanks for read, is my first article so forgive me if I did some mistake.

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