How has 1 year on Drivetribe been for me

From meeting amazing people to facing random nonsense, I've had it all!

First of, I apologize for not posting for a looooooooooong time. I was busy with some Entrance exams and just when it got over, I fell ill(Again!). Though I'm still a bit feverish, I've gathered all my courage and energy to present to you how a year has passed for me!

How it all began??

After I got to know about this app from Youtube and some other sources, I just joined in without a second thought. And since I've hosted many Quizzes in my school and college and considering my love towards Concept cars, I decided straight away that my first post will be a Quiz. And to my surprise, it was very successful!!

My first article

It literally took me a month or so to write my first article for Drivetribe, which was (of course) on my all-time favourite car(The Mercedes SLR McLaren aka the McMerc)-what I like about it, what I don't like, a little History etc etc. And once again, it was a success, which made write more and more!

What's my most famous article/quiz/spot etc etc??

Ok, I ain't bragging here, but just to let you know. Uh............talking about this, I guess my most famous piece is an article where I talk about the history of the Shelby Daytona(Gee that one became so popular I can't believe still!!😲)

Apart from it, Nothing much to say-Some random polls and quizzes with some pics of my diecasts and Asphalt 9 game, a rather unsuccessful company etc etc.

What do I like??

To difficult to say cuz there is nothing of the sort I dislike. I like Ethan Degge's rants and the way he puts his thoughts, I like Throttle girl's informative articles on forgotten F1 drivers, I like Zakk Grier's collection of Diecasts and the pics(BTW, just asking-anybody knows where he has disappeared??). Ok, they are just a few to name, I like all the things you guys put your efforts on and create mind-blowing articles, quizzes, polls etc etc. You all are gr8!!

What do I not like??

I shouldn't be saying this, but there are some things that annoy me. Mainly are some harsh, rash, rather unnecessary, nonsense comments I come across of some guys in polls. Another thing I don't like is people forcing you to like something and if you refuse, they blackmail you(Mind you, I do have come across such people). Apart from that, Nothing much.

Apart from this, I have annoyed a few guys here and been good to many. So, with a due apology to all those, I would like to end this article! Thanks a lot for reading and see ya soon!!

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