How I almost died... again

2y ago


Motorsport, cars, polar bears, my ex girlfriend.... They're all dangerous and can certainly bring an otherwise peaceful life to a crashing end. Unfortunately I happen to nearly die quite a lot, either through human error or because someone finds me particularly annoying.

The first time my young life came to an end behind the wheel of a car was on a local race track - Llandow, not a particularly complex or challenging track but it was good fun with some decent turns.

It was my last lap of the track in the afternoon - I was low on fuel and had to drive my Mk1 MX5 home ideally without running out of fuel or overcooking it... as It had on every single lap with the heater son full, tappets clattering through the bonnet once the oil had thinned out. I was too busy having fun to care about my car's health.

As you can imagine the brakes were somewhat warm and the tyres gnarled and welted which isn't what you want on the last corner... a 90deg left turn. And the car Gods decided that I deserved to be taught a lesson for torturing my MX5 from 8am to 3pm by throwing a spanner into the mix consisting of.... Boiled brake fluid.

I hit about 90mph on the straight when I started to brake hard, the car bent over slightly but the pedal seemed to have no power behind it, so I pushed my foot down as far as it'd go and found myself not slowing down, which was inconvenient when faced with going through a very short run off area and smashing into a surprisingly fast Morgan or a very stiff looking wall.

The brakes were quite literally toast, but succeeded in slowing me down to an approximate 30-40mph. At that point I decided to turn with foot still welded to the floor opting for "Screw it" rather than slipping quietly into a perimeter wall. And so I span with surprising grace, the car behind me (my friend with a dashcam no less) swerved quickly to avoid me and so I was stuck on the apex of a corner with 6-8 cars coming my way. fortunately I missed the barriers so my car was undamaged, however I distinctly remember a vision of my car ploughing head first into the barrier and how that would upset me very much)

They all missed and I'm here to say that I'm looking to buy another MX5 to do it all over again because that track day is perhaps one of the best experiences of my life and I yearn to do it all over again. Minus the near death stuff... Yes there's a video and yes i will post it somehow

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