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How I fell in love with... the Suzuki Ertiga

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For some context on how my life is going. I just joined the IBDP program this year. It isnt too hard but you have to bring heavy textbooks and a laptop everyday and carry it around school as you go up and down 4 floors with no elevator. Its a good workout program but you will be exausted by the end of the day. (Tbh my previous non IB school was also like that)

My main source of transport is an online taxi app and most of the time I would get a Toyota Avanza or its twin Daihatsu Xenia. I made a rant on how bad these cars ride quality is but if you havnt read this let me give you some prespective. Imagine combining the suspension of a land rover defender and an aston martin vulcan. Now take away most of the good aspects. The result? Harsh ride quality and a lot of body roll. Here is another prespective, in my oppinion, riding a horse is more comfortable than that.

One day an Ertiga apeared. Those minimalistic lines, the simple shapes and clean curves. It looks good... I think it looks better than a Pagani Huayra. Stepping inside the aura was calm, the interior isnt beak black plastics. It was beige, light, fabric... and plastic because lets face it, this is a cheap car.

The shape of the dashboard, no strange lines, just a simple curve, the design is just simple, period. Your eyes dont get confused on what youre seing. The ride quality is firm but you dont feel like being in chile in 1960 and for someone exausted, thats all i cared. comfort.S

I quickly found out that beige is better than black. Before this experience i thought an interior should be black and black only but now, beige is the way to go. Some say they do not like beige because it stains easily but thats honesty. An honest interior. This means that beige is cleaner than black because its more honest about its cleanliness.

Yeah and thats how i fell in love with a cheap minivan.

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