How I got 162K out of my shitty (lovely) jag

2y ago


Right, so there are a few things you're probably wondering. 1: Why the hell did he buy an X-Type? 2: Does he know that's really a Ford Contour? Okay, so I was than I am now, and I got this silly idea that if I could go around saying "I have a Jag" that women would simply flock to me. Plus, the X-type was a good price ($4400 with 140k on the clock and brand new tires with no issues) and had AWD. So I bought it.

On the 2 hour drive home, the engine light came on. But I couldn't be bothered, I was too busy driving a Jag. This was the height of luxury for me, alright? Give a guy a break. I promptly dropped $500 on a sound system which my gearhead buddy Justin helped my install, and then spent roughly another $1000 on OEM components - both mechanical and aesthetic. New hoses, radiator, torsioners, waterpump, belts, rear shocks, brakes, lights.... you get the idea.

I did actual maintenance, both preemptive and necessary, and it kept the car running happily for a little over 16 months, until the TCM got water damage and I threw in the towel. The literal towel. As in the one that I used to wipe the motherboard dry. I could've replaced the TCM, but I decided that my lovely little piece of shit Jag was done. It served me well. I won't sell it just yet however, perhaps someday I will fix it - restore it even. Who knows?

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  • Totally - great learning experience too. I've got a lot of time logged working on that car....

    2 years ago
  • Mate for the price it seems like a steal! And at least you got a good story out of it 😊

    2 years ago


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