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How I Got Hurt at The Junkyard

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6d ago


Back in the summer of 2014 my brother took me to a junkyard cause I asked to come along. This was going to be my first time coming. So we get there. I'm looking around at all the crush cars. It was kinda amusing to see. So we are looking around for a couple parts for is car a the time which was a 1980s z28 i-rocz Camero. So my brother see one of the parts he needs . But he has to climb onto another cars hood. Me thinking that it was a good idea to follow him, I jump up and I sliced my knee on a rusty car hood. I start to tear up. My knee is bleeding so bad that blood is pouring down my leg. So I had to act like everything was fine when I was walking out to the car. Thank god for hand-sanitizer. My brother poured hand-sanitizer on the cut and it hurt a lot. By the time we got home I stopped bleeding and we bandaged it up. So that's how I got hurt at the junkyard.

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  • Jut imagine if you yanked something too had and the car landed on you, fortunately I’ve had very little need to go to junk/scrap yards as these days everything is advertised on line.

      6 days ago
  • Always worrying as in the old days in the Uk they used to be precariously stacked. I suspect there were lots of injuries so legislation has changed and now they are on racks and I don’t think your allowed to take parts of the vehicles themselves.

      6 days ago
    • That junkyard still has some of them stacked on top of themselves.

        6 days ago
    • Dangerous, just imagine if it fell on you, just to save a bit of cash. In line sites are the way forward with the only disadvantage being higher prices.

        6 days ago
  • Ouch. Rust.

      1 day ago
  • i always hurt in a junkyard its mostly cause i feel for the poor classics rotting there XDD

      3 days ago
  • @tribe New article is up! Have you been injured at a junkyard?

      6 days ago