- Shelby GT500, the car I broke the ice with and got me one of the best friends I've ever had

How I got one of my best friends because of Cars

How talking about cars with strangers can get you some lifetime friend

I've always been an introvert, not the most social person, and being honest, being one of the few people constantly on my social circle that was really interested in cars, didn't make it any easier, sure there were people who liked cars, but not in the same way as I was so clearly obsessed with them, as a high school girl once pointed out.

So of course, when it comes to making friends who were petrolheads, was a little harder than I ever anticipated, since apparently if you live in Mexico, the thing most people talk about is "Fútbol", or as americans insist on calling it: "Soccer".

My dad was always kind of disappointed that I never really liked Fútbol, but we ended up bonding over cars which on the long run has proven to be more meaningful, but when it comes to the friends I've made over the years, I have made very few with the cars approach.

Which makes the following story all the more shocking: Back in college there were always new people to meet, some from prior generations, some older ones, and when it comes to studying engineering, the people you meet vary from humble and hardworking, to the absolutely "animal house like partying". Even so most of them real friends who got your back when you really need them, and provided some very surprising advices regarding life after college, in the real world.

Of all the friends I've made in college, one stands out, as she has proven to be one of the greatest people I've ever met, she has supported me, given me advice, and has been in more than one ocassion the voice of reason when I sometimes felt overwhelmed.

And it all started with some small talk regarding muscle cars.... I remember starting conversation and she starts listing some of her favorite cars, from the Classic Shelby GT500 to the '69 Corvette, the realization that you're talking to another petrolhead becomes clear once they start listing specific details and numbers rather than just visually describing them.

Slowly over time we started talking more and more, and as it turned out, we had more things in common, we agreed on some things and realized that we could trust in each other more than some of our other friends. But when it really became clear to me that I had a lifelong friendship in front of me, was when we actually had already graduated from college and kept in touch.

Entering a new chapter of your life is scary, and having friends around you helps you through more than you could imagine, after college I entered on the first job offer I had, luckily I had my best friend whom I consider my brother there with me, but more than once when I needed advice, the opinion from an outsider helped substantially more.

My first job was many things, but on the first year it was an excruciating stressing experience, constantly doubting on my work and the reason behind didn't help either, and throughout this first steps I had my friend from college constantly helping me out. Her support on not me quitting the first year I was there is underrated.

Eventually I quit that job since thanks to some personal realization, I had decided that maintenance work on a railcar manufacturing wasn't the ideal path to eventually dedicate my life to my lifelong passion: Cars. A quest that I still pursue even If I'm unsure on where to even begin.

The people I have in my life I'm very grateful for them, every friend I've got during the last 20 years or so has been of great help, some of them more than others, and when it comes to consistently being there for anything I can narrow it down to a handful of them. But I definitely can say without a doubt that one of them, I would have never got to really know her if I hadn't asked "Do you happen to like cars?"

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  • What a great story, Alexis! Thanks for sharing it!

      1 month ago
  • Thanks for sharing your story Alexis. True friends are one of the greatest gifts we have in life.

      1 month ago
  • Gt500 Eleanor 🤤

    Closest I think I'll get is my die-cast model

      1 month ago
  • Great story! You have the written word going for you, so maybe a bit of writing your own style and putting it on drivetribe will be a good start ✌😁

    Feedback is often a good guidance councelor.

      25 days ago