How I spent $40 on a fake license plate to spite John Coleman

Some thing are just simply worth the money

There are many things I would do to spite people. It seems that paying $40 for a custom European plate is now among those things. Prepare for a story of epic proportions, spending money and ultimate memeing.

One night I was chatting with our very own community manager John "Australia" Coleman about how the Top Gear guys would sign me up for their Prime show as soon as they read my Corolla post. Of course, being the hilarious jokester that I am, I called it Bottom Gear to which Johnny replied by calling me American.

"I'm not even American," I said. "Well, by passport I am".

"Your plate is," Coleslawman said back.

"Sorry I don't have a Romanian plate in California ," I fired back. "My bad"

"Yep . American plate, American guy".

Hmm, American plate, American guy you say? So I got to researching.

I found a website that would send me a custom European plate that looks just like a Romanian plate if you've never seen a real one before. The point is it said RO and had the European stars on it like a real plate. Illusion 8/10. Being the rich and famous guy that I am, I went ahead and bought one.

A few days later, I get a knock on my door. The delivery driver must've been the love child of A-Train and the Flash because he was out of sight in the few seconds it took me to get up and open the door. The excitement was building as I cut open that packing tape. I opened the flaps, my heart pounding like the intro to Hot for Teacher, and out came that license plate. It looked and felt just like I expected it to. I am pleased.

I now have a Romanian-looking plate that says "Penguin" in a font that isn't actually the font used on Romanian plates. The thing is actually pretty high quality and really fits the bill. Why Penguin you ask? I used to play Club Penguin and my friends call me Penguin so the nickname stuck.

Where will I put it? Good question. California requires cars to have both front and rear license plates so I can't mount it on the Corolla. I tried putting in my rear window but it's too long and clashes with my third brake light. For now it rests in my trunk until I think of a better place for it but one thing is for certain.

Romanian plate, Romanian guy. Get trolled John ;)

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