H​ow Important Are Colours to You?

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T​here are so many deciding factors when it comes to buying a car, all of which play a significant part in our final decision. Whether they be performance, styling, comfort, gadgets or, for the purposes of this article, colour.

W​hilst searching for my Mk1 Mini, I found a number of cars that were, for want of a better word, perfect. Some had tastefully modified engines, others gorgeous and intact original interiors and the odd one with surprisingly solid original bodywork. Yet, I walked away from them all with my head down low to continue my search for the perfect Mini. For months, I almost obsessively frequented auction websites and classic car forums, just hoping to find the right car for me. In the end I did. Sure, the bodywork wasn't in perfect condition like some of the others I'd viewed, the engine was a completely standard, 34bhp, 848cc A-Series which was woefully underpowered and the interior could have used a bit of work. Looking back, considering I was going to restore whichever car I bought anyway, I should have opted for one of the others but, and I might sound mad saying this, the colour of the car simply sold it to me.

There are, of course, many reasons why my final decision was made on the Mk1 but, interestingly, the colour was what really stood out and swayed my mind. That went above all other factors... I must sound slightly insane.

I​ wish I could get this car back on the road.

T​he gargantuan question...

L​et me know!

L​et me know how you feel about car colours and buying decisions in the comments and the above poll; I'd love to know where you all stand on the subject!

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  • It is a really pretty mini 😊 can’t wait until we finish it. Then it will be completely perfect 😊

    Colour really is important. No one wants an ugly car 😂

    9 days ago
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