"How is this for a blague"

Is the Volkswagen ID 6 already overestimated?

You and I can take it both ways: Whether Volkswagen is extremely jealous of Peugeot's current design or they think the French brand isn't worth much more than a floppy make-up, the fact is, the real ID 6 lies behind this camouflage. So let's see what's what.

Of course, we've already caught a glimpse of the ID Roomz concept and the latest teasers to get a pretty good idea on how the ID 6 will look like.

However, although the design is important, what will really matter here is the specification of the car.

You see, the soon-coming ID 6 has already got quite a few quality rivals. They come from Mercedes, Audi, BMW very soon, Jaguar, Tesla, and just recently Skoda. And Skoda, makes the Enyaq. A large 5 seater SUV on which the ID 6 will be based. It offers a distinctive design, plenty of practicality for 5 adults to sit comfortably, a good amount of tech, impressive built-quality, and importantly, a range to match more expensive rivals. For the range-topping, it's 500 km, which is what you get from the Audi e-tron, Mercedes eq-c and as much as many other rivals. So, Volkswagen's turn then, how good do they need to make it? Well, the new SUV will be more expensive than the Enyaq and heavier on options. The practicality won't be increased to the point where it actually makes a difference as they're the same car underneath, although technologie may be slightly superior. Where it's really going to come down then, is the electric car stats: the range, charging time, charging infrastructure, you know the deal. Because the value for money that the Enyaq offers could just be enough to tent customers away from VW stands and into Skoda showrooms since times have changed, and the buyer doesn't anymore get a dreary looking, poor on features car, with no more than disappointing technologie. He's getting one with a proper brand-identity and styling-identity. Skoda has gotten posher, more technologically advanced, more dynamic, and as we now know, impressive when it comes to electric-powered vehicles.

In conclusion then, Volkswagen's ID 6 is going to have to be an impressive package, and only a couple of weeks now separate us from an answer...

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  • Wow that design especially the stops looks very Peugeotish.

      8 months ago