How Louis Vuitton Changed Travel

Louis Vuitton..... Louis, Vuitton. You can say it to yourself a million times and it won't lose that flirtatious, elegant ring.

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Louis Vuitton changed the way the upper class traveled. Walking through the corridors of the old New York Stock exchange, the location of the event, this was very clear. Each room showcased the designs used for different forms of travel; automobile, ship and train.

The very first room I entered hit my heart strings. Fashion and the automobile industry are my passions. This first exhibit was a testament to the work Louis and his predecessors have done for the auto business. Louis Vuitton took the automobile of the day and designed his "car trunks" to be tied to the top, front or back of the vehicle. These "car trunks" were scaled down and started the idea of the hand bag.

Moving past the automobile portion of the exhibit I found myself in an amazing sea/beach set. Situated in the middle of the room was a large, life sized, mast of a ship with a sandy beach design on one side of the room and a ship deck on the other. Lining the walls, beach floor and ship deck were different trunks that were designed for sea travel.

Trunks/luggage designed for sea travel had to be crafted a little different from those designed for land travel. For one, they needed to have a bit more security against water/salt. These "sea trunks" started out as typical canvas trunks but received a bit of an armor upgrade. The soft canvas of these trunks was plated with copper, brass and other metals to ensure they could keep out the ocean spray and not be damaged.

This portion of the event actually housed my favorite piece. Built in 1903 this trunk is composed of copper, wood, brass, coated canvas, leather and textile. If there was one thing I would've taken home it's this.

Honorable Mentions: Supreme and Marc Jacobs

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