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H​ow lucky I am being a young teenager ​

W​ritten by a 14YR old

11w ago

Being an early teenager its hard to look back at life, to see how fortunate you are and how lucky you are, not to be living in poverty or a country under severe crisis of war or homlessness,

but to live life at its fullest of what one could only imagine could be possible growing up, in a stable family and a safe neighbourhood. there is not much more I can ask for.

Y​our memeory is the glue that binds your life together; everything you are today is because of your amazing memories

A M​emory for me is something that you treasure and that you hope will arise in the future and its only memory a when it means a great deal about something or someone.

So Later in life I want to live the life the im living now and pursue whatever life chucks at me.

M​y dads Brand new car!

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