Are there more humans or vehicles? And What if we would put them all in line?

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Have you ever wonder how many cars are there on our planet? Well, sometimes I ask myself this kind of question, but I find out that this particular one is a tricky subject.

Obviously we could never find out the right amount, because the number of cars, busses and trucks is increasing every day, as well as the number of the vehicle that get scrapped.

A recent research made by "WardsAuto" explains that the exact number should be close to 1.4 billion. (2019). Currently, about 100 million new automobiles are being produced in the world every year. Of course, not every single one of it is going to be sold, but calculations say that by the year 2035 over 1,8 billion automobiles will be in use worldwide, and in 2100 8 billion.

The answer to my first question (are there more humans or vehicles?) is pretty easy then, as humans are at the moment are 7.8 billion.

The number of vehicles on earth continues to grow at an astonishing rate, and we can understand that just by a look in the last century. In 1976 there were just 342 million vehicles, while in 1996, the world was home to around 670 million "cars."

Who drives them all?

Another interesting fact about this topic is to find out the percentage of people in the world that have a car, according to the data I explained before: It is around 18 percent. But that's before you take out children, the elderly and anyone else who doesn't have, or doesn't want, a vehicle.

What country has the most cars in the world?

By the traffic outside my house here in Milan, I would say Italy, but that is not true!

The correct answer is China; yes, China had overtaken the States in 2017. Indeed in China, there around 300 million vehicles at the moment while in the United States, there "just" 268 million.

If we go a little over this data, we can easily find out that none of these two vast countries has the most number of cars per capita, indeed in the top of the list is Finland, with 1.07 per capita, following Andorra with 1.05 and then Italy with 0.87

How many cars are destroyed each year?

Here like before, we can't get the correct number, but we can get very close, it's estimated some 12 million cars are destroyed each year in America. At the same time, around eight million vehicles are scrapped in Europe.

The final question is, how many cars do you have in your garage?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Comments (20)

  • 5 cars in garage, and a van outside

      1 year ago
  • I currently own 11 cars, some of them are not currently driven or are in need of repairs, I regularly drive 5 of them, a 03 discovery, a 73 super beetle, a 01 Silverado, a 91 325i, and a 18 HRV

      1 year ago
    • Wow! I saw on your profile your beetle! What a car ! Id love to have one

        1 year ago
  • When i was 16 i had Dad's hand-me-down, then a compact sedan for college, fouund a 50s 2dr in a barn, after that have had 3 gatch backs & 2 GM 2dr.

      1 year ago
  • I have my family 4door, F150, HD Sportster. My brother has a car,truck & bike as do most of my friends. When I was in high school all 4 of us kids had cars, Dad had a work car, Mom had the family wagon.

      1 year ago
    • I saw you had a mercury Montclair, coolest car ever

        1 year ago
    • It was indestructible. I accidentally hit a four-door sedan broadside and 1 bumper torpedo poked a hole in the door big enough for your fist and the other one blew his Tire right off the rim! Zero damage to my car.

        1 year ago
  • That's a lot of numbers!

      1 year ago