How Many More Seasons Of The Grand Tour Will There Be?

Richard and James give their insights on the future of the show

3y ago

In a Facebook Q&A held on September 22nd, Hammond and James were able to take a number of questions from fans and give their thoughts on various topics. One of the questions asked was "How many more seasons of The Grand Tour are you planning to do?"

Hammond was quick with his answer, stating that he didn't know and that their focus is on whatever season they are currently working on. He also mentioned that they can't see any further into the future than that because "it's too scary and difficult." It's a diplomatic answer but it also makes a lot of sense as I assume filming The Grand Tour pretty much takes up all of their lives.

We know The Grand Tour is currently contracted for three seasons, so we know we're for sure getting one more season after Season 2. Beyond that is anyone's guess, but with the success of the show, I would be shocked if Amazon didn't do everything in their power to extend the boys' contracts for an additional few seasons.

Of special significance are James May's comments from last year when he mentioned that he couldn't see himself doing this for any more than five years:

"We have to accept that fairly soon, we will be too old for it. Richard Hammond (46) is a reasonably fit bloke who looks after himself. Me and Jeremy (56) aren’t.

Jeremy is particularly decrepit and I find growing within me – I try to fight it for some reason, but I’m giving in to it – a much stronger, nesty sort of instinct. Within the next five years, I don’t want to be fart-arsing around.”

Chances are James wasn't being 100% serious with his comments last year, but if it's any indication of the near future, and extension of their Grand Tour contracts may not necessarily be for the long term.




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Comments (4)

  • Jeremy is so loved by people! It is impossible to imagine the show without him, and even more impossible to imagine that he will not star in the show!

    I want to take him and James May the example of Hammond and taking better care of yourself :-)

    How good it will be if the three leaders will always be with us!

      3 years ago
  • How about we enjoy it while it lasts and watch repeats forever once it's gone? Why worry yourself now about things we can't control?

      3 years ago
  • All good things come to an end eventually :(

      3 years ago
  • I have submitted form

      3 years ago