How many spokes should a steering wheel have?

Are you a two, three or four-spoke fan?

4y ago

Three spokes. It’s the accepted norm when it comes to steering wheels.

And for good reason. Three spokes works on everything from...

...a classic 911 like this one from Singer... a modern supercar like the Ferrari 458.

But four-spoke wheels can also look great

Okay, not when they’re stuffed full of old-style bulky airbag.

But you can’t argue with an Alpina or old Ford RS wheel.

And Porsche rocked the four-spoke design through most of the 1980s and into the early 1990s.

Two-spoke wheels

But for some car manufacturers, four spokes was two spokes too many. In the 1980s two-stick wheels were massively popular.

And not just in boring slow stuff. Even hot hatches and proper supercars got them too.

Peuegot's 205 GTi rocked a two-spoker until the 1987 facelift.

Aston Martin used them on cars like this V8 Zagato.

Lotus fitted them to the Esprit.

And Chevy's Corvette was also on-trend.

Wilfully weird

Predictably, those freaks at Citroen went their own way, fitting wheels with just one spoke.

Although, looking at this Visa interior, the one-spoke wheel is probably the least weird thing going on.

You get the feeling they’d have done away with them altogether if they could have figured out how.

And McLaren's insane P1 GTR goes the other way with six spokes.

So what is the optimum spoke count?

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Comments (10)

  • Can't beat a wood Nardi

      4 years ago
  • "T" flat three or VW style four is quite good and comfy, two could pass, but one, that thing is gonna slip, vibrate, bend and look like you didn't get the whole car.

      4 years ago
  • My 1979 mustang had an amazing steering wheel

      4 years ago
  • Three spokes. Light, yet rigid.

      4 years ago
  • wow what an informative’s really a classic car. your example picture looks awesome.what were the new features in this

      4 years ago